A Work of Art

Art ? How to define it ? It is all or nothing as Malraux says: It is “indescribable”, but Art has incontestable standards. It must be:


An original work:

Ludomodul is new, unknown, never happened before!



A unique work of art:

Modules are the artist’s palette: the assemblage, order, combination and modules layout are unique. They are yours, unique because nobody else displays them the way you did.


A private style:

 Modules are unique in their shapes, volumes and colours. However, by mixing and combining blue, green, yellow and red…you create a kaleidoscope, a painting/sculpture from which its unity of the style makes it stand out. Each module, as a word in a sentence, is different. However, in this space where you put them, together or separately, modules become legible and show your personality.


A work with character:

Ludomodul abounds in curves, shapes, cavities, bumps, up and down paths; bright, cheerful and shimmery colours… All is singing, dancing, flitting s a whirl and get you caught at its own game. Its playful character and functionality flow together so to better express themselves.


Emotion and Pleasure:

Untranslatable! As a nest in the ceiling or stuck on this greyish wall up, or on this bed, this tarred floor, the Ludomodul contrasts sharply, warms up, shines, explodes: you and your children breath, and feel that shiny light that’s bright you up.


    This artistic sensitivity is discovered by your child through this osmosis with this re-create playground. It is a tender revelation to him. Before, a greyish wall let him lost in emptiness; but Art, now, through the game, goes deep into the child’s heart. During playtime he deals and fuses with Art, brings it to life. Because the child turns upside-down and plays with Art, gives it life and shares his energy with it. And this jump into Art, each time he is playing, filled him up despite him. When he looks at his playground, he will feel deeply happy: Art is emotion. His playground becomes a place for intimacy:


“If the eye were not solar, it could not know the sun” Goethe.


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