motor function

Motor Functions


Motor Functions


    Moving is essential for a child.

    However, in an empty playground, an experiment shows that if a bell- shape module is set on the ground, a child runs spontaneously to it. Some are jumping over, or stand on it climbing; and are enjoying many other attractive moves!

    To teach writing to scholars, teachers use pencils and paper. At school, the only place where the child can move is the playground; he needs to play games because he is a natural “player” and have to use up a lot of energy. This bell-shape wakes his motor functions up besides him. That will also protect him from idleness, violence, and obesity.

    But a child who is training his skills, his suppleness, his balance, his endurance, his coordination by playing get more fun!

    Games develop also other skills:

-intellectual: (memorisation of shapes, courses, colours, sequences)

-social: (live and cope with others)

-artistic: (awareness to beauty)

-human: (becomes an active responsible citizen)

    The child will be glad in his school with games that will offer him an unending happiness.

    This pleasure given by his school will drive him to like it and his teachers. In addition, this child will improve himself and his relation with others.