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Back to school !


    The pupil loves his mum and dad because they love them since ever. School can also offer love to a pupil in its playground.

    Playtime means re-create, take a break from the constraint of listening during the class.

    In a sense, the playground can become a nice place where a pupil could feel free to regenerate.

    However, if the playground is empty, the child is not able to take any initiative, because he cannot make a choice or even realise something. He feels idle, facing his vacuity that drives him into melancholia or violence.

    Freedom exists and be revealed only if the pupil can make his own decision, his own choices. A child is naturally a player. Alas games such as slides, swings or climbing courses drives him to repetitive actions. Conversely, a ball allows everything with a total feeling of freedom. That is why football, basketball and over games are not allowed in a playground.

    However, basic, aesthetic, colourful and recyclable volumes as cubes, spheres and cylinders, like many other forms allow the child to do all that he wants in such a pleasant way.

    Then the pupil can follow his imagination, inventing new actions and making new choices. During this re-create playtime, he can improve his skills, his good health because being active prevents him from obesity. He also realizes how many progress he has made, due to his tenacity, multiplying for example difficult jumps between different modules. Then he becomes a “good player” and more self-confident.

     Despite his rebellious and independent nature, he needs to show, to share, and to give to other ones the new skills he just learned. This self-esteem and altruism he deserves, give him a self-fulfilment that is essential to his ethic, mental, human, ecologic, social, artistic and ontological personality. Each child is happy to boast of having done progress, for him or for his friends, like when a football player scores! The playground become then a recurrent rejoicing place where love carries all pupils in a happy whirl.

    Moreover, the love that every child has built, gradually, with his friends during his school time in this new playground, will allows him later to purchase and succeed in his studies. He will become more responsible, a happy citizen with true values.



We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future,

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J. F. Vincent  et  team LUDOMODUL