Chilhood is a learning time




What can Ludism bring to a child in his playground?


MODULEPhysical Training:

The game forces the child to train his skills, his spring, to avoid difficulties, his suppleness, his balance, his endurance, his dexterity, the coordination of slow and fast moves and how to cope with over ending gestures.

MODULEIntellectual Training :

Game teaches to a child :

- memory for shapes, colours, sequences, and how to manage them.

- How put together, or associate different modules

- simple ways to learn about perimeter, the surface or the volume of a module.

- How to make the good choice, the right decision, finding the right course in a game, a spring, a hide…According to his own abilities, and for other children abilities too.

MODULESocial Training : Learn how to live with other children.

A game brings closer, opposes, associate children to the other ones, in a natural way, with its own dynamic. Then the child respects, approves, and shares his laughs and his tears, his failures and his success, and therefore his love for others and for his school.

MODULEArtistic Training : Learn the beauty

 The game, trough its simple shapes, which speak for themselves, colourful and shiny, new and known, combine and different in their unity, as in a kaleidoscope; moves and questions the child confronted then to beauty, to an art outline. The game is also, maybe, driving a child to the first step of the world of Art.

MODULEHuman Training : Become a man

The game develops initiative skill: because choices are then infinite, and forces him to determinate himself; responsibility: because the child decides and assumes for himself; liberty: because it is the result of his initiative and sense of liberty.



MODULETherefore, Since he became 1 year old, the child dives into games, babbling from a module to another one, unconscious and surprised at his encounters with shapes, colours, and their softness, their sensuality. The more he grows up, the more he will initiate himself and his friends to the game. His reaction to it will change with his age, his rhythm, his abilities, his searches, his rejects, his needs; as he will get satisfied.


A happy childhood, full of laugh and playtime will drives him easily to absorb and learn, almost unwillingly.


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