These modules have a square based of 1 m, topped by a simple geometrical volume with a height always smaller than 60 cm, so to avoid a cushioning floor. Like every other modules, they have to be set on the playground 2 m far away from any obstacle, and must be fill up with 50 to 100 l of sand for a better stabilisation.
The modules are rotomould with a 100% recyclable polyethylene, perfect for ecology, safely tinted, ultraviolet resistant, and non-poisonous.

All games and sports showed here are conform to security (EN 1176 or NFS 54-300) with a certificate delivered by LNE.
Weight: 15 to 15 kg.

Suitable from 1 to 12 years old.

LUDOMODUL is a 3 parts set.

  • Geomodul
  • Chat perché
  • Tunnel



activity ludomodul


At the age of one, the child can dive into a Geomodul, hesitating from a module to other one, surprised by forms, colours and soft material...
He will grow up with this suitable game, testing it, improve with it. On each module, an engraving teaches how calculate the surface and the volume of the form.

It is sensual and ludic: they feel comfortable ... The Geomodul set comes with 23 different forms and colours so to create a course. For very young children, let us choose the lowest one.

GEOMODUL series consists of several different shapes and colors. Upon implantation, mix small modules and the bigger ones to create a path ; For very young children, choose the lowest modules.


ref. NVK06

oblique cylinder


22kg - H 94 cm

ref. NVK02

Right truncated cone


16 kg - H 59 cm

ref. NVK08

cylinder crown


19 kg - H 34 cm

ref. NVK04

low height cylinder


18kg - H 37 cm

ref. NVK05


26kg - H 59cm
ref. NVK39


20 kg - H 74 cm
ref. NVK07

Cylinder + half sphere

20 kg - H 59 cm
ref. NVK19


18 kg - H 35 cm
ref. NVK37


17 kg - H 56 cm
ref. NVK10


24 kg - H 59 cm
ref. NVK11

half Sphere

15 kg - H 94 cm
ref. NVK14


16 kg - H 35 cm
ref. NVK36

right prism

24 kg - H 58 cm
ref. NVK31

Right truncated pyramid
17 kg - H 55 cm
ref. NVK22

Crown square

19 kg - H 34 cm
ref. NVK32

Obliquely truncated pyramid
22 kg - H 57 cm
ref. NVK34


22 kg - H 59 cm




Placed all together or separated, these round and colourful modules are
perfect for such games as "Off-ground-tag" or "leapfrog".


Associate tunnels together and they become fantastic "hide and seek" or "slide on the wave" games!


dimensions : 100 x 100 x 60 cm

colors : red, yellow, blue, green


Children display the Ludoron modules on the· playground, horizontally or vertically, juxtaposed or not, so to create balance courses easily modified.
   Suitable for different abilities and respecting their freedom, they will never be tired to discover and create new courses. Actions and spirits will increase!
    Ludoron have a 46 and 74 cm diameter, 10 to 20cm thick, 3 to 5 kg weight.
    All comes with logos, numbers and letters,

Suitable from  1 to 12 years old
Delivery: set of 2 big and 2 small Ludoron®

ludoron activity


Ludosphere is just perfect! It represents for the child, from inside or outside, the beauty. Because of its countless interlacing, it offers many sightseeing to the pupil; he can see his friends like from unknown landscapes. Therefore, he dives into his dreams and nourish his imagination.
     This Ludosphere is new, original, and unique. It has an infinite grace with a personal style and a very ludic approach. It resumes what Malraux said about qualities that describe Art.
     We must give beau'ty to the children in his playground, so he will enjoy life.

Delivery: Set of 3, each weight 25kg, 1,44m diameter.
Suitable from  3 to 12 years old. Do not stand on.


It allows a child to improve his personality while respecting his freedom.

With the Estuto module, a child can develop a wide range of games, alone or with his friends. Such as: climbing, sliding, and crawling through a tunnel, jump over it using hands and feet, or use it as a springboard. He can also play with its curved shapes; roll over up and down, even up-side-down…and so on!

As for the other Ludomodules, the child exalts his personality because Estuto respects his freedom of choices, according to his abilities.

Dimension: L: 85cm, l: 49cm, h: 48cm, weight: 11kg.

Estuto is safely tinted in purple, green, blue or yellow.

The module must be filling up with 70 l of thin, dry sand for a good stabilization. Unscrew the plug and use a fennel.

It can be set up easily and don’t need special maintenance; just a cleaning from time to time. The Estuto must be set up more than 2m away from any obstacle: wall, tree, or stairs.

Suitable from 1 to 7 years old children.

Estuto is conforming to security NFS 54.300 with a certificate delivered by LNE.

All edges and corners are soft round so not to hurt children. The module is made of 100% recyclable high density polyethylene, ultraviolet resistant, and ages well. It’s also ecologically correct. With a height smaller than 60cm, suitable for children, a cushioning floor is not necessary. In case of very hard floor, a special mat issued from recycled items is available: 10m x 1,25m x 1cm thick


Each of its modules shows 3 different sorts of stairs, depending the way you choose to install it. Therefore, with 2 or 4 modules, the pupil has a lot of choices to go up and down stairs.
Weight: 7kg
Dimensions: 59x59x45cm
Comes with engraved letters

Delivery: set of 2 modules
Stabilise with more than 50L of sand.

ludostep activity


You got it! In his playground the child must be free. However, dangers can sometimes come from the bigger ones. Ludostop keep them away from the little ones. The installation is very easy and can be do by the children themselves.

Length: 1 meter
Height: 6ocm
Width: 40cm
Weight: 4kg. They can be easily pile and put away.


Delivery: set of 4 .




lt has 3 vertical concentrically panels: 1,5m height and 1m width. The slightly deflated ball, thrown by the child is absorbed by the vertical panel and comes back slightly slanting towards the player. lt is used from a distance of 3 to 5m by pupils from 3 to 14 years old.

Therefore, the pupil does not loose time to look after his ball. This automatic thrown allows the pupil to hit 100 times the ball in a very short time.

This goal, favourite gesture for a football player, improves his capacities and gives him a lot of pleasure; he is seeing his own progress and become more confident. Therefore, he feels encouraged to go on and improve himself more day by day

Panel: 1 x o,8o x 1,5m height. Weight: 25kg.

Stabilise with more than 100 liters of sand.

Deflate slightly the ball to avoid accident and improve the absorbing effect.

ludomodul foot activity


It has many baskets, screwed on a wall or netting, and placed at different heights, so to be suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old.

The pupil hits the ball continuously because the basket top opening is slightly wider and the ball exit is just opposite the pupil. Moreover, this is precisely the favourite basketball player gesture!

The pupil increases quickly his throws, improves his skills, and feels more self-confident and so happy!

Delivery: set of 4 baskets


activity ludomodul basket