Ludomodul Foot



This game LUDOMODUL-FOOT ® illustrates the concept set out in section philosophy.

It allows the development of the whole personality of the child respecting his freedom.


PRODUIT8 lt has 3 vertical concentrically panels: 1,5m height and 1m width. The slightly deflated ball, thrown by the child is absorbed by the vertical panel and comes back slightly slanting towards the player. lt is used from a distance of 3 to 5m by pupils from 3 to 14 years old.

Therefore, the pupil does not loose time to look after his ball. This automatic thrown allows the pupil to hit 100 times the ball in a very short time. This goal, favourite gesture for a football player, improves his capacities and gives him a lot of pleasure; he is seeing his own progress and become more confident. Therefore, he feels encouraged to go on and improve himself more day by day

Panel: 1 x o,8o x 1,5m height. Weight: 25kg.

Stabilise with more than 100 liters of sand.

Deflate slightly the ball to avoid accident and improve the absorbing effect.

activity ludomodul foot

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