This game RECUPOT  ® illustrates the concept set out in section philosophy.

It allows the development of the whole personality of the child respecting his freedom.



   It is a big flowerbox. The lower part is a 700L water tank topped with a flowerbox filled with soil. The children learn that it is made of 1OO% recyclable polyethylene, costless and ecologically perfect.

   The Recupot is place to a rainy drainpipe from the roof. So this rainwater can be use to wash the floors and water the plants. The children can see during the year the seeds becoming wheat, then flour and finally bread. It is the same experience for the growing of a rose.

    The pupil understands that the water is not wasted, but used and useful to feed him and also embellish his life. The Recupot stands permanently in the playground and is a lively way
to teach ecology that shows all the advantages that saving water brings.
Recupot: 1,15m diameter and height
weight: 25kg

    It can take yearly 6om3 water, so that in 3 years the price will be cover. After this period the school save between 200 and 300€ on his annual water bill, using this water to wash the floors.



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